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Friday, July 29, 2022

Bhagwani Devi, the 94-year-old who won the gold at the World Masters Athletics Championships 2022?

 Bhagwani Devi, the 94-year-old who won the gold at the World Masters Athletics Championships 2022?

Bhagwani Devi won gold in 100 meters sprint in the elderly citizen order. She clocked the timing of 24.74 seconds 

 Haryana Governor Bandaru Dattatreya and Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar complimented 94- time-old Bhagwani Devi for winning a gold and two other orders in the 2022 World Masters Athletics Crowns being held in Finland. 

 Felicitating Ms. Devi, who hails from Haryana,Mr. Khattar said at the age of 94, she has come a source of alleviation for the whole world. 

Bhagwani Devi has formerly again proved that age isn't a hedge to achieve anything in life," he said, according to an sanctioned statement. 

The statement said that Bhagwani Devi won gold in 100 meters sprint in the elderly citizen order. She clocked the timing of 24.74 seconds. 

Three orders Governor Dattatreya also complimented Devi on her feat. 

" This great accomplishment of yours will produce the further passion towards the sports among all the youth," the Governor said in a tweet in Hindi. 

In a tweet, the Union Sports Department said India's 94- time-old Bhagwani Devi has yet again proved that age is no bar. 

Citation in shot put " She won a gold in order at the #World Masters Athletics Championships in Tampere in the 100 m sprint event with the timing of 24.74 seconds. She also bagged a citation in shot put. Truly estimable trouble!," it said. 

Union Sports Minister Anurag Thakur also complimented Devi on her feat." Age is no bar! veritably inspiring!," said Thakur in a tweet.

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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Live Darshan for India All Temple

Live Darshan for India All Temple

Hello friends, what are you doing? All is well and here you will be sent all the education related information every day. You can easily download the information from here and you can also pass this information on to others easily and specially. .

 Visit the famous Temples of India every day at home.

Many Temples are currently closed to visitors during the Corona period. You can watch LIVE every day from the following link.


Somnath Jyotirlinga is considered to be the first Jyotirlinga not only of India but of this earth. This temple is located in the Saurashtra region of the state of Gujarat. According to Shivpuran, when Moon was cursed by Daksha Prajapati to have tuberculosis, then the moon meditated at this place and got rid of this curse. It is also said that this Shivling was established by Chandradev himself.

This Jyotirlinga is situated on the banks of river Krishna in Andhra Pradesh on a mountain named Shree Shail. The importance of this temple is said to be similar to Mount Kailash of Lord Shiva. Many religious scriptures explain its religious and mythological significance. It is said that only by visiting this Jyotirlinga one gets freedom from all his sins.

This Jyotirlinga is located in the city of Ujjain called the religious capital of Madhya Pradesh. The specialty of Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga is that it is the only south facing Jyotirlinga. Every morning worship here is famous all over the world. Mahakaleshwar is worshiped especially to avoid age increase and age-related crisis.

Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga is located near the famous city of Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The Narmada river flows at the place where this Jyotirlinga is situated and the river flows around the hill, forming the shape of an um. The word ‘um’ originated from the mouth of Brahma. Therefore any religious scripture or Vedas are recited along with the same. This Jyotirlinga is in the shape of Omkar i.e. Om, hence it is known as Omkareshwar.

સોમનાથ મહાદેવ LIVE દર્શન

The Dwarkadhish Temple, also known as Jagat Mandir, was originally built by Vajranabha, the great grandson of Lord Krishna, on the banks of Gomti river in 400 BC. This five storied limestone structure stretching to a height of 170 feet is supported by 72 pillars and is located in the heart of the city. A huge flag on its magnificently carved dome is made from 52 yards of cloth and can be seen from a distance of almost 10 kms. Interestingly, this flag, also referred to as Dwajaa, 

મલ્લિકાર્જુન મહાદેવ LIVE દર્શન

Amid the rising COVID-19 cases in Maharashtra, the Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust (SSST) has decided to shut Sai Baba temple in Shirdi, Maharashtra from 8 pm tonight, i.e. April 5, 2021. The temple will remain closed till April 30, 2021. Mumbai's Siddhivinayak temple will also remain closed till further orders.

ઓમકારેશ્વર મહાદેવ LIVE દર્શન

મહાકાલેશ્વર મહાદેવ LIVE દર્શન

કેદારનાથ મહાદેવ LIVE દર્શન

ભીમાશંકર મહાદેવ LIVE દર્શન

વિશ્વનાથ મહાદેવ LIVE દર્શન

ત્ર્યંબકેશ્વર મહાદેવ LIVE દર્શન

બૈજનાથ મહાદેવ LIVE દર્શન

રામેશ્વર મહાદેવ LIVE દર્શન

નાગેશ્વર મહાદેવ LIVE દર્શન

ધુષ્મેશ્વર મહાદેવ LIVE દર્શન

Jalaram Bapa Mandir History:

Jalaram Bapa Mandir situated in Virpur, Gujarat. Sri Jalaram Bapa is a greatly revered saint. This is one of the popular pilgrimage sites of Virpur. People from various places flock to this holy shrine. Jairam Bapa was born on 14th November 1799. Sri Pradhan Thakkar and Srimathi Rajbai Thakkar gave birth to Jairam Bapa. This temple dedicating to Jairam Bapa was built in 1978 at the Dharmaj – Tarapur highway. There is a sacred spot in this temple which is made up of copper which is filled with the sacred holy water. It is said that this copper pot was filled with the sacred water of river Ganges. It is strongly believed that this water cures any kind of disease. This is a miracle that the water in this pot never gets dries up. People from various parts of the state flock to this temple to seek the holy Ganga water as Prasad to seek a healthy life. This temple also offers annapradam (Charity or free food) to the needy and the poor people. Everyone that is both the rich and poor is treated as same, no signs of discrimination are seen in this holy temple.


દ્રારકા મંદિર ના લાઇવ દર્શન અહિંથી કરો

બાબા બર્ફાનીના ઘર બેઠાં કરો દર્શન click here

સાળંંગપુર મંદિર ના લાઇવ દર્શન અહિંથી કરો

youtube પર લાઇવ દર્શન અહિંથી કરો

અહીંથી કરો સોમનાથ લાઈવ દર્શન 

ડાકોર મંદિર લાઇવ દર્શન 

અંબાજી મંદિર લાઈવ દર્શન

શીરડી સાંઈબાબા મંદિર લાઈવ દર્શન

જલારામ-વીરપુર મંદિર લાઇવ દર્શન 


Jalaram Bapa Mandir Virpur Temple Timings:

All days of the week7:00 am to 8:30 pm

Jalaram Bapa Mandir Darshan Timings:

7:00 am to 12:00 Noon4:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Aarti Timings:

Mangal Aarti7:30 amShangar Aarti9:00 amSandhya Aarti7:30 pm

Shamalaji Temple History

On the way from Shamlaji Temple to the Meshwo River, a small shrine is positioned, where a deity of a standing Ganesha idol from the late-Gupta period is still worshiped. In the 10th century A.D. a temple named- Harishchandra ni chori was constructed which has a rectangular sanctum at the centre with a large pavilion in front. The whole structure is surrounded within the courtyard and the inner walls have fallen down but the gateway still stands inside the premises. Temples parts, unmanaged elements and the scattered idols of many gods and goddess were found at Shamlaji which display that since bygone days, it has been a very famous and formidable centre of pilgrimage on the highway between Gujarat and Rajasthan. A historic and sacred place- Devni Mori, which is 2 km from Shamlaji, is having residues of a Buddhist monastery from around 3rd-4th century AD. In Vadnagar, the stupa which is basically esteemed as a sharir stupa, has proved the presence of Buddhists. Excavating of the stupa brought to light an inscribed casket which contained relic’s of Buddha. This is a place of pilgrimage and thus has been established as a quaint spot, where many ancient shrines have been scattered all over the place. A small temple of Trilokeshwar is located just opposite to Shamlaji temple which has a beautiful and unusual idol of Shiva with the trident. The Kashi-Vishwanath Mahadev is also an ancient temple situated on the hillocks which is about seven feet below the ground level. The temple of Ranchhodji, is on the opposite bank. The tomb of Navgaja Pir, a maulvi (muslim cleric) is sited close by the main temple and thus visited by many ‘Adivasis’. Many broken shrines show that the whole area round about Shamlaji was once not only prosperous but an important centre of civilization and culture.

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Cancel These 8 Android Apps That Will Steal Your particular Information incontinently

 Cancel These 8 Android Apps That Will Steal Your particular Information incontinently.



A new malware has been set up in eight Android apps on the Google Play Store, which allows druggies to subscribe to decoration services without the stoner’s knowledge. These eight apps have been downloaded more than three million( 3 million) times. A security experimenter gave information about this malware through a tweet, in which he named the malware ‘ Autolycos ’. The tweet also mentioned that only six from the eight apps on the Google Play Store were removed by 2021. still, presently these eight apps have been removed from the store. 

Maxim Ungrau, a security experimenter at cybersecurity establishment Avina, blazoned in a tweet thread on Wednesday that he'd discovered a malware called ‘ Autolycos ’, which was present in at least 8 Android operations. Autolycos is a malware that sneaks up on a remote cybersurfer to execute a URL and also add the result to an HTTP request rather of using a webview with vicious intent. piecemeal from this, it also gets authorization to read SMS through malware apps, through which stoner’s particular information is stolen. 

In a tweet thread, the experimenter said that the malware was present in eight apps, including Vlogstar Video Editor, Creative 3D Launcher, Wow Beauty Camera, GIF Emoji Keyboard, Freglow Camera, Coco Camera v1.1. All of them have been downloaded for more than 3 million times. In the tweet, the experimenter said that two of these apps hadn't been removed as of the time of the tweet. still, these two apps are presently not available on Google Play, which means that Google has removed these apps from the store after the tweet. 

See also Druggies' dispatch addresses were blurted due to data breaches in the OpenSea NFT Marketplace. 

A experimenter from a bleeping computer told That it discovered these apps in June 2021 and participated its findings with Google at that time. He also said that Google had conceded entering his report but still it took six to one time for the company to remove these apps. 

As we mentioned, Autolycos is a malware that hides itself with the original purpose of running a URL on a remote cybersurfer and also adding the result to an HTTP request rather of using a webview. In addition, in numerous cases, apps equipped with this malware also asked for authorization to read SMS content when installed on the device, giving the apps access to the target’s SMS. 

Autolycos drivers also ran several advertising juggernauts on social media to promote the apps to new druggies, the Bleeping Computer report added. For the Razer Keyboard & Theme app alone, experimenter Ingrao tracked 74 announcement juggernauts on Facebook. also, while some of these malware apps entered negative reviews on the Play Store, they maintained good stoner conditions through bot reviews.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Top 5 Upcoming mobiles in MI brand.

 Top 5 Upcoming mobiles in MI brand.


 Are you looking for the Xiaomi forthcoming mobiles? Then's a complete list of forthcoming Xiaomi phones that will be released soon in India. About, 80 forthcoming Xiaomi mobile phones were available with anticipated launch date, prices, crucial specifications, unique features and images. Xiaomi 12 Lite, Xiaomi 12S Ultra and Xiaomi 12S are the rearmost mobiles in this order. 

1. Xiaomi 12S Ultra.

Highlights 256 GB, 512 GB storehouse/ 8 GB, 12 GB RAM50.3 MP 48MP 48MP TOF Primary Camera, 32MP Front Camera6.73 elevation 1440 x 3200 pixels DisplayQualcomm SM8450 Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, Octa coreNon removable Li- Ion 4860 mAh battery. 

2. Xiaomi 12S. 

Highlights 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB storehouse/ 8 GB, 12 GB RAM50MP 13MP 5MP Triple Primary Camera, 32MP Front Camera6.28 elevation 1080 x 2400 pixels, DisplayQualcomm SM8450 Snapdragon 8 Gen 1( 4 nm), Octa coreNon removable Li- Ion 4500 mAh battery. 

 3. Xiaomi 12 Lite. 

Highlights 128 GB, 256 GB storehouse/ 6 GB, 8 GB RAM108MP 8MP 2MP Primary Camera, 32MP Front Camera6.55 elevation 1080 x 2400 pixels DisplaySnapdragon 778G( 6nm), Octa coreNon removable Li- Ion 4300 mAh battery. 

 4. Xiaomi 12S Pro 5G. 

Highlights 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB storehouse/ 8 GB, 12 GB RAM50MP 50MP 50MP Triple Primary Camera, 32MP Front Camera6.73 elevation 1440 x 3200 pixels, DisplayQualcomm SM8450 Snapdragon 8 Gen 1( 4 nm), Octa coreNon removable Li- Ion 4600 mAh battery. 

 5. Redmi Note 11T Pro Plus. 

Highlights 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB storehouse/ 8 GB RAM64MP 8MP 2MP Triple Primary Camera, 16MP Front Camera6.6 elevation 1080 x 2460 pixels, DisplayMediaTek Dimensity 8100( 5nm), Octa CoreNon- removable Li- ion 5080 mAh battery.

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World’s first liquid mirror telescope installed in India, know about it

 The world’s first liquid glass telescope installed in India, know about it. 

  The country’s and the world’s first liquid glass telescope has been installed in Uttarakhand. This telescope has been setup on the top of a hill in Devasthal Observatory located in the Nainital. It's said that through this telescope, it'll help in taking information about winner, gravitational lens and asteroid etc. The Indian Liquid Mirror Telescope( ILMT) will be helping in surveying the sky. This will also make it easier to observe numerous worlds and other astronomical sources. 

 What's Liquid Mirror Telescope( ILMT). 

This was done by the India with the help of the astronomers from the Belgium and Canada. Make Is. It's like a 4 cadence borderline rotating glass made of a thin film of liquid mercury that collects and focuses light. It has been installed at the Devasthal Observatory at an altitude of the 2450 measures above the ocean position. This overlook is housed in the Aryabhata Research Institute of Observational Science( ARIS), an independent institute of the Department of Science, Government of India. 


 To prepare the telescope, scientists created a pool of the mercury, which is a reflective liquid. This causes the face of the telescope to come crooked. This is ideal for fastening light. A thin and transparent film over it protects the mercury from the air. It also has the large electronic camera, which records all the images. 

Such a telescope is being used for the first time in the world. 

ARIES Director Professor Dipankar Banerjee said that this telescope is being used for the first time in the world for the astronomical observances. Now two to four- meter class telescopes the ILMT and the Devasthal Optical Telescope( DOT) have been setup at the Devasthal Observatory. In the time 2017, with the help of the 8 countries including Belgium, Canada, Poland,and Aeries started the International Liquid Mirror Telescope Project with the help of the 500 million. Its setup was delayed due to Corona. The telescope was designed and erected in Belgium by the Advanced Mechanical and Optical Systems( AMOS) Corporation and the Center Spatial de Lige. 


 It's said that this telescope has taken a clear picture of NGC 4274 world, 95 thousand light times down. Along with this, it has also fluently captured the stars of the Milky Way in the camera.

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Saturday, July 23, 2022

Photo Editor with Background Eraser-MagiCut

Photo Editor with Background Eraser-MagiCut

This is the best background eraser which helps you automatically cut out pictures with AI tools, remove background and make a transparent PNG stamp in high quality.

With Background Eraser, your life will be easier. No complex photo processing skill needed, you can get an accurate stamp in one tap and use it for


💥Remove the Sky - Replace it with any background you want.
💥AutoCut - Cut and paste your photos easily.
💥Remove Objects - Use the magic brush to remove any objects you don’t want in your photo.
💥Collage Maker - There are lots of grids and frames available to choose from.
💥Professional Adjustment - Repair old photos

- Use the magic brush to remove any objects you don’t want in your photo.

💥Collage Maker - There are lots of grids and frames available to choose from.
💥Professional Adjustment - Repair old photos.
💥Special Effects - Create artistic photos with effects like cartoon or blurring.
💥Photo Editor - Provide useful editing tools that meet all your needs.
💥Text Editing - Choose any font you like or just doodle on the screen.

✅ Transparent background PNG picture
✅ YouTube thumbnail
✅ Sticker for WhatsApp
✅ Gacha Life
✅ Meme maker
✅ JPEG photo with white background
✅ Change background for ID photo
✅ Nature photo editor


💯 AI Auto Mode
- It recognizes pictures well with people, animals, plants, anime…
- Just select the photo, advanced AI tool will cut out the object perfectly in 1 click
- No need to erase complicate backgrounds awkwardly bit by bit with fingers

 Manual Mode

- Quickly outline the object on your photo you want to cut
- Erase and repair the cutout picture easily

Shape Mode

- Crop pictures into a square, rectangle, heart, circle and many shapes as you like
- It is very suitable for make your own stickers or meme

Background remover

This is the easiest background remover app that helps you to remove backgrounds from photos and make PNG in one second. Its advanced AI cutout tool will cut out your picture automatically. And it is totally for free!

Background photo editor

Want to change background for your photo? Try this png maker to remove background from photos at first then you can change the background you like for it.

Cutout photo editor

Use this advanced cutout photo editor, erase background perfectly with this png maker. It is also a background photo editor and nature photo editor designed for you to make artworks easily and quickly.

About permissions:

- To remove background from photos and make transparent background, Background Eraser needs the “Storage” permission to access photos and files on your device.
- To capture photos and erase background, Background Eraser needs the “Camera” permission to take pictures..

બેકગ્રાઉન્ડ એડીટર એપ અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

== Smart CutOut ==

With MagiCut, you can create stunning pictures easily. Auto Cut and Paste will select and extract objects through Detect AI so that you can paste onto any background. Use montage editing techniques, put yourself next to any celebrity you like or teleport yourself to any corner of the world. For entertainment only.

✅* With this cutout editor, you can combine multiple photos into one background.

✅* We provide AI technology to identify your photos, automatically delete the original background and remove unwanted objects.For entertainment only.

✅* Manually process the details of the picture to let you enjoy the fun of editing.

✅* Adjust Picture - Adjust contrast, exposure and brightness manually by precise control.

✅* Crop - Crop the picture to any size you need to fit all social media perfectly.

✅* Fusion - Blend images with different light and shadows to make eye-catching photos.

✅* Text - Add artistic subtitles to the image. Multiple styles and fonts are provided..

✅* Graffiti - offers a variety of brushes for you to draw creative graffiti on the picture.

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12 Popular And Amazing Birds Breed in India

12 Popular And Amazing Birds Breed in India 

 India is known across the world for its rich and the diversified avifauna. No wonder why raspberry watching in India is considered to be one of the most memorable gests and numerous people visit India for the same. There are multitudinous raspberry premises and sanctuaries in the country and piecemeal from them people can spot catcalls around the megacity and townlets. As per the coffers, there are around 1300 species of catcalls that are set up in India and out of these 42 are actually native to India while the rest were introduced by other coffers or accidentally added by colorful factors. You ’ll be surprised to know that they're 12 species of catcalls that are native to Andaman and Nicobar islets only and numerous further are yet to be explored. 

 Some of the beautiful and popular catcalls that breed in India are Indian sparrow, Rock Pigeon, Common white Crane, Malabar parakeet, Indian Myna, Nilgiri flycatcher, Indian peacock and Bugun Liocichla. There are numerous other popular catcalls that breed in India like Red Whiskered Bulbul, Indian Ringneck Parakeet, Nicobar Bulbul, Andaman Versifiers- owl etc. The problem with moment’s world is that some of the common megacity catcalls like sparrows are now falling in the list of exposed species due to the loss of natural niche and expiring pollution. 

 Still, then we ’re with a list of 12 popular and amazing catcalls that breed in India, If you ’re looking for the list of catcalls that are set up in India. 

 1). Asian Paradise Flycatcher 

 The Asian Paradise Flycatcher is an amazing raspberry set up nearly across all over the Indian key. It's a medium- sized raspberry and manly catcalls can be distinguished fluently by their long tail. The raspberry comes with a slate throat and underbodies. Rufoss and other white forms of Asian Paradise Flycatcher can be fluently spotted in the thick covered timbers and rich wood territories of Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh etc. 

2). The Sunbirds 

 There are 132 species of Sunbird set up across the country. 

 Sunbirds are veritably beautiful and small- structured catcalls set up throughout the Indian key. You ’ll be surprised to know that there are 132 species of Sunbird set up across the country. Like all other small catcalls set up in the country, these catcalls also feed on quencher and or perhaps at times you can catch them feeding on spiders and insects. 

3). Fire- tagged Myzornis 

 This little raspberry is set up generally in the Himalayan ranges in India. 

 The little Fire- tagged Myzornis is frequently set up in the Himalayan ranges in India. This raspberry belongs to the rubric Myzornis and is named so because of its fabulous tail. This raspberry generally types in tropical or tropical wettish montane timbers. 

4). Himalayan Monal 

 Himalayan Monal is the state raspberry of Uttarakhand. 

 This enough raspberry form is the state raspberry of Uttarakhand. This raspberry belongs to pheasant family and is also notorious with other names like Impeyan Pheasant or Danph. This raspberry is generally set up in the advanced altitude mountain ranges of Uttarakhand, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Himachal Pradesh. 

5). Indian Peafowl 

 This various raspberry is one of the largest catcalls set up in the Indian key. 

 India peafowl is one of the most beautifully colored catcalls of the pheasant family. Indian peafowl or Blue peafowl as some may call it's a native raspberry to South Asia. The manly peafowl is known as the peacock and is one of the largest raspberry set up in the Indian key. The length of peacock varies roughly between 40 to 46 elevation. This beautiful raspberry, Indian Peacock has also been accepted as the National Bird of India and is also taken as the sacred raspberry with Hindu mythological reference. The blue multicolored peafowl is native to the Indian key and is set up in large number in India and its neighboring countries. 

6). Indian Pitta 

 Indian Pitta is a medium- sized raspberry that comes out in downtime months for parentage. 

 The coming raspberry on our list- Indian Pitta is a medium- sized raspberry that comes out in downtime months for parentage. This raspberry is set up in the southern corridor of India and some of the foothill regions ofsub-Himalayan range. This raspberry can be described as fairly small and stocky- tagged when the structure of Pitta is bandied. Indian Pitta is a rare raspberry species and is generally set up in a veritably large range of territories like in the thick leafage and on the grounds of the thick timbers. 

7). Indian Myna 

 Indian Myna is one of utmost common species of catcalls set up in India. 

 The most common species of raspberry set up in India is Myna. These catcalls have fluently acclimated to the current terrain and civic culture. India boasts a large variety of these Starlings catcalls and these can be fluently spotted around the megacity lights. Some of the kinds include common Myna, Brahminy Myna, Pied Myna and Bank Myna. 

8). Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher 

 The coming raspberry on our list of 12 popular and amazing catcalls breed in India is Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher. The Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher is at the hands of the Alcedinidae family. Roughly, there are 12 kinds of Kingfisher set up in India out of which Indian three- toed Kingfisher is the most common bone


Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher is also known as Black- backed Kingfisher and is a small structured beautiful red and unheroic raspberry. Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher is a occupant of western ghat of Southern India and is substantially native to the thick and thickly covered timbers of the Konkan region. 

9). Red Headed Trogon 

 Red Headed Trogon belongs to the Trogonidae family. 
 Red Headed Trogon is the coming raspberry on our list of 12 popular and amazing catcalls breed in India. This raspberry belongs to the Trogonidae family. This species of catcalls are generally set up in the tropical wettish tableland timbers and tropical or tropical wettish montane timbers. Red- Head Trogon is set up in large figures in the eastern corridor of India and its neighboring countries. 

10). Sarus Crane 

 Sarus Crane is the world's altitudinous flying raspberry. 
 The large Sarus Crane is the coming raspberry on our list. This is the only variety of the Crane set up in Indian key. This raspberry is also the world’s altitudinous flying raspberry and their height can extend to about5.9ft. These catcalls are set up in South to the Godavari River, in some littoral regions of Gujarat, Punjab, West Bengal and Assam. 
The point to worry about is that their population is declining and thus they're kept in the order of exposed species of raspberry in India. enterprise are needed to be taken so as to save this beautiful variety of raspberry. 
 11). Satyr Tragopan 

 Satyr Tragopan belongs to the pheasant family. 
Satyr Tragopan is the coming raspberry that belongs to the pheasant family. They're also known as the Crimson Horned Pheasant. These catcalls are set up in the foothills of lesser Himalayas of India, some corridor of Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. Satyr Tragopan is one of the 5 common species of Tragopans set up in India. lately, they've been facing issues of stalking and niche loss. They're needed to be saved or saved as only a veritably small population of catcalls are left in India. 
 12). Asian Koel 

 Asian Koel belongs to the ditz family. 
The last raspberry on our list of 12 popular and amazing catcalls breed in India is Asian Koel. This raspberry belongs to the ditz family and is set up each across the country. The main food of Koel comprises of berries fruits and insects. Koel is also known as the singing- catcalls and the stylish time to spot these catcalls in India is the thunderstorm period. This beautiful raspberry has been accepted as the symbol of Indian poetry and that makes them really special! The womanish Koel catcalls are a bit brownish in color whereas the manly bones
 are greenish-black with red eyes.
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