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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

World’s first liquid mirror telescope installed in India, know about it

 The world’s first liquid glass telescope installed in India, know about it. 

  The country’s and the world’s first liquid glass telescope has been installed in Uttarakhand. This telescope has been setup on the top of a hill in Devasthal Observatory located in the Nainital. It's said that through this telescope, it'll help in taking information about winner, gravitational lens and asteroid etc. The Indian Liquid Mirror Telescope( ILMT) will be helping in surveying the sky. This will also make it easier to observe numerous worlds and other astronomical sources. 

 What's Liquid Mirror Telescope( ILMT). 

This was done by the India with the help of the astronomers from the Belgium and Canada. Make Is. It's like a 4 cadence borderline rotating glass made of a thin film of liquid mercury that collects and focuses light. It has been installed at the Devasthal Observatory at an altitude of the 2450 measures above the ocean position. This overlook is housed in the Aryabhata Research Institute of Observational Science( ARIS), an independent institute of the Department of Science, Government of India. 


 To prepare the telescope, scientists created a pool of the mercury, which is a reflective liquid. This causes the face of the telescope to come crooked. This is ideal for fastening light. A thin and transparent film over it protects the mercury from the air. It also has the large electronic camera, which records all the images. 

Such a telescope is being used for the first time in the world. 

ARIES Director Professor Dipankar Banerjee said that this telescope is being used for the first time in the world for the astronomical observances. Now two to four- meter class telescopes the ILMT and the Devasthal Optical Telescope( DOT) have been setup at the Devasthal Observatory. In the time 2017, with the help of the 8 countries including Belgium, Canada, Poland,and Aeries started the International Liquid Mirror Telescope Project with the help of the 500 million. Its setup was delayed due to Corona. The telescope was designed and erected in Belgium by the Advanced Mechanical and Optical Systems( AMOS) Corporation and the Center Spatial de Lige. 


 It's said that this telescope has taken a clear picture of NGC 4274 world, 95 thousand light times down. Along with this, it has also fluently captured the stars of the Milky Way in the camera.

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