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Sunday, June 19, 2022

Gujarati ma Good Morning, Shayari and Status APK Download Free 2022

Gujarati ma Good Morning, Shayari and Status APK Download Free 2022

Fun Tycoon presents a unique and brand new application - Gujarati ma Good Morning, Shayari, and Status. This app brings you the best collection of trending content in Gujarati providing unique & decorative Good Morning Wishes, the latest Shayari's & the best Status for 2021. You will get Daily Updates in Good Morning Wishes, Shayari and Status.

👉 Starting a refreshing day by making someone smile is the best feeling and Good Morning Wishes are one of the most effective ways of expressing appreciation to loved ones by turning their normal day into a good one and making them smile in the morning. This app provides unique and decorative Good Morning Wishes in Gujarati that can be shared with your beloved, parents, friends, family, groups, etc and making them smile.

right place in the famous frames.

adding Valentine Guru Purnima background to their favorite images. Feel yourself in the surroundings of Guru Purnima beauty
Now we develop Guru Purnima photo frame effects app to decorate your photos with Guru Purnima photo frame editor and to get feel we are in Pleasant atmosphere.

👉 Shayari is a way of expressing feelings and emotions using magical words which touch our heart and if you are in LOVE you will definitely need Shayari to express your feeling. This app has the latest collection of Shayari's arranged category wise in Gujarati. Express your feelings to your love.

👉 This app contains a huge collection of trending Gujarati Status. Attitude status is the center of attention containing the best and newest collection in Gujarati. Now you can post interesting WhatsApp status, Instagram Captions, Facebook Status, etc. that suits your attitude.

એપ ડાઉનલોડ લિંક


★ Daily Update - Get a fresh and trending collection
You will get the latest and unique content daily and it will be displayed at the topmost in each category.

★ Best Gujarati Font
We have the best Gujarati collection 2021 for Good Morning Wishes, Shayari & Status.

★ 28+ Categories with Eye-Catching design
Contain 28+ Categories based on Good Morning Wishes, Shayari's & Status with Eye-Catching Design.

★ Easy to Use
Very simple and clean interface.

★ Read and Share Feature
You can directly share on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media and make your friends go wow!

★ Copy Button
You can copy your favorite Wishes, Shayari, Status with just one click and save it in notes for later use.

★ Decorative and Creative Good Morning Wishes - Content with Emoji's
Get Good morning Wishes with emoji for a better look and feel and most important to make someone feel appreciated and happy

★ Unique and Sharp Attitude Status to show your personality
Show your attitude with a sharp status that suits your personality.

★ Newest Categories are added as per Social Media Trend
You will get the latest category updates with new content and old content will be removed so will be up-to-date with the trend.

✔ Gujarati Good Morning Wishes Categories:

★ Ganesh Good Morning Wishes
★ Hanuman Good Morning Wishes
★ Mataji Good Morning Wishes
★ Mahadev Good Morning Wishes
★ Krishna Good Morning Wishes
★ Swaminarayan Good Morning Wishes
★ Shri Ram Good Morning Wishes
★ Ramdevpir Good Morning Wishes

✔ Gujarati Shayari Categories:

★ Gujarati Love Shayari
★ Gujarati Attitude Shayari
★ Gujarati Beauty Shayari
★ Gujarati Friendship Shayari
★ Gujarati Romantic Shayari
★ Gujarati Sad Shayari
★ Gujarati 2 Lines Shayari
★ Gujarati Miss You Shayari
★ Gujarati Breakup Shayari
★ Gujarati Heart Touching Shayari
★ Gujarati Trending Shayari
★ Gujarati New Shayari

✔ Gujarati Status Categories:

★ Gujarati BF-GF Status
★ Gujarati Comedy Status
★ Gujarati Attitude Status
★ Gujarati Mahadev Status
★ Gujarati Love Status
★ Gujarati Best Status
★ Gujarati Miss You Status
★ Gujarati Life Status

We have the Best Gujarati ma Good Morning, Shayari, and Status app.
Just Download and Enjoy it!
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Turmeric has also proved to be effective in relieving joint pain after cancer

Turmeric has also proved to be effective in relieving joint pain after cancer

Indigenous treatment of arthritis: Turmeric has also proved to be effective in relieving joint pain after cancer

Those who were not given turmeric were in constant pain

According to research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, patients experiencing knee pain who took turmeric supplements had less pain. No side effects were seen in them during this time. As well as patients who were not given turmeric had constant pain.

Scanning the knees of patients who took turmeric showed that it did not make any difference internally but the pain was less than necessary. According to the researchers, this requires a large-scale trial.

Indian researchers prove it protects against cancer

The Shri Chitra Tirunal Institute of Medical Sciences in Thiruvananthapuram has obtained an American patent for the treatment of cancer with turmeric. The institute claims that curcumin in turmeric can cure cancer. According to the institute, the cancerous tumor will be treated with turmeric after removal from the body to destroy the tumor and prevent it from spreading in the body.

  • The research was performed on 70 patients with arthritis suffering from knee pain and inflammation.
  • Patients were given two capsules of turmeric daily for 3 months.


If you have arthritis problem, you must include turmeric in your diet. Turmeric works like a pain killer to relieve joint pain. According to research conducted in Australia, turmeric has been shown to be effective in relieving knee pain..

The research lasted for 12 weeks

To understand the effect of turmeric, research was done on 70 patients with arthritis at Tezmania University in Australia. These patients were suffering from knee pain and swelling on the inside of their joints. They were given two capsules of turmeric daily for 12 weeks. Three months later the effect of turmeric was seen

Why curcumin

Lead researcher Dr. According to Lisi Krishnan, curcumin in turmeric is easily absorbed into the body and fights cancer. Direct curcumin will be released into the tumor to destroy the cancer cells. It will directly attack the cancer cells without damaging the normal cells. Many researches have also proved that it destroys cancer cells.

These are also advantages

There has been previous research on turmeric, in which many of its benefits have been mentioned-

Increases the ability to fight diseases: According to Ayurveda, turmeric has also been used as a medicine for thousands of years. It has anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties that make it a superfood. Incorporating it into the diet increases the ability to fight many diseases. Ayurvedic experts have also advised to drink turmeric milk during Corona period.


Keeps the brain healthy: Curcumin in turmeric increases the levels of BDNF hormones in the brain which make new cells in the brain. It also reduces the risk of Alzheimer's and dementia.

તંદુરસ્તીનો મંત્રઃ લાંબી ઉંમર સુધી સ્વસ્થ રહેવા માંગતા હોવ તો અપનાવો આ આદતો


important link::

Curcumin also works as an antidepressant, according to a study of 60 people. Which helps reduce depression. Research has found evidence that it helps release happy hormones such as dopamine.

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