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Thursday, October 15, 2020

The 90 year old grandmother learned to read newspapers by operating a laptop

 The 90-year-old grandmother, who studied up to standard 10, learned to read newspapers by operating a laptop

Mary Thomas, who lives in Thrissur, Kerala, learned to operate a laptop at the age of 90 so that she could read newspapers. People stopped taking newspapers because of the Corona virus. Grandma's day would not end without reading the press. Meanwhile, his grandson Arun advised his grandmother to read the online press. It took a few days at first but Grandma learned to operate the laptop.

Looking at Grandma's photo, one can say, "True, age is just a number."

Grandmother who studied 10th standard made a living by farming. As he got older, the newspaper became his grandmother's friend. Arun shared a photo of his grandmother reading the newspaper on his laptop all day. Seeing this photo, the user praised the grandmother.


 When Arun heard the comments of social media users from his grandmother, he was surprised that even after learning to operate a laptop, he could become so famous.

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