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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Now Anyone can book appointment to cheak, are you COVID-19 affected or not. Sample will be collected from your home.

Health workers will collect coronavirus test samples when they book online. But the prescription is must ...

covid-19 test coronavirus

The number of coronas infected and dead is jumping across the country. The common people are gathering at different hospitals as soon as the symptoms of the coronary disease occur. Because of this, many companies have come up with many types of apps, tools, websites, which can be used to know if a person is infected with the coronavirus.

Similarly, Bangalore company Practo has brought online booking for the COVID-19 exam, a website. Booking for the COVID-19 Exam can be made online through this website.According to a report recently released on NDTV, the Bengaluru firm Practo will be conducting the experiment in a joint venture with a company called Thyrocare. Till now, only online bookings have been made available in Mumbai.

It has been reported that the booking of COVID-19 can be booked online through two specific websites( or

It has been reported that this test will cost Rs-4500. However, this test cannot be performed without a doctor's instructions, advice or prescription. That is, when booking the COVID-19 exam online, I would like to have a doctor's signed prescription.Once booked online, specially trained lab staff will collect samples from home. The staff will also keep in mind all the safety issues while collecting samples.The saliva sample will be taken in a 'viral transport medium' and given to the laboratory of Thyrocare. The results of the test can be viewed from the Practo website within 24 to 5 hours.

In this regard, Practo's Chief Health Strategy Officer, Dr. Alexander Kurvilla, said the company is currently operating according to its capabilities. Attempts are being made to reach this service to every people of the country in the coming days.

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