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Saturday, January 4, 2020

Nupur at your feet - A Romantic Love Story

Nupur at your feet - A Romantic Love Story

One day your feet were lost

I almost like those nuts as crazy

I was looking. You're curious

I told you what the nupur was lost

Is it? If you build another pair then this is it

How expensive or how much?

I was a little surprised ... these nappies

The price is sky-high to me, which is worth one sky.

The day you teach these nooks to your feet

On that day I gave you padamful on your feet

I was impressed with the beauty of the day.

From these feet to your nails

How much love I have expressed in your language

Can't do

You know, they weren't just a couple of nuptials

These nooks were a bridge to our mind

When you are on foot, you walk in such a hurry

At that time, an unknown happiness rhyme was deep in my heart

I could feel you from sleep

How are you walking on foot?

Know that these nappies belong to our numerous honeymooners

The witness was how many woke us up that night

The melody of the tune has brought us honeymoon.

You look silent and wonder

I started looking for nappies again

You broke the silence for a while and stopped me again

Well, if I am like these nuptials

Will you find me like this one day when I get lost ??

I said with a little laugh I did not find you.

Then what do you hear if you are upset?

I don't even know what I said

This time a lot of anger looked at the fire

Tell me if you took someone else to my place

Come on?

I then hold your hand to your eyes

I kept my eyes and I was looking for you

Like I won't be lost before you.

Of the sky

I'll be your watchman for your way

When will you come back to me

Suddenly, the hail rained down on you

In that rain, my chest started to soak you hard

Hug ho wept and said

I don't want you to love me so much

Gets rid of you

Don't want your one sky to love that love

Push me away from you

You just come out of my imagination

I can't be alone without you

Can't really.

Mayawati really cost a lot for a pair of nupur

More expensive than a rash that rains

Forget the feeling of searching….

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