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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Love just you Love Story- Romantic Love Story

Love just you Love Story- Romantic Love Story`

I Just enter the house and sit on the side
The bride told me….
- Look at the clock and see how bad it is ??
At night Basar is a little perplexed at such a bold question
Well, when I look at the clock and see it at 12.5m
Sitting beside the bride gently said….
- Listen, I have no desire to get married now
No, I married you, just like my parents did.
But I have nothing to do with anybody. But I do
I wasn't mentally ready for the wedding. That's me
Now you want to be treated as a wife so easily
I cannot give my wife rights.

Just to say that the words are finished
The new wife grabbed my Punjabi collar and said… ..
--- Do I feel like playing doll or not ??
Could not say before that I did not want to get married ??
Who has all my hopes and dreams to protect my mother's mind
Why sacrifice?
I did not want to get married, I told you before
Then I broke the marriage on my behalf
I would. Devotion to his mother goes to show respect
Why did I waste my life like this?
I didn't do you any harm. Now I am
The way I say it will be all. Ok ????
So he left the collar. Then he said again.
- Well, that's what happened.

You do not have to give your wife the right.
Go down and sleep. You can't sleep at all.
That's why my pillow was thrown to the floor
Like a forced boy, I fell to the floor
I began to think, how Gundy girl Ray father
Such a girl.
It seems that life will be completely gone.

There is no sleep on the floor. Never sleep on the floor. But
On the floor today, because of your marriage
The movement of mosquitoes in it. Esssssssss,

I do not tolerate it. I am lying down. When I know that sleep is gone
I could not understand. Suddenly I was aware of my body
Blanket and side and mosquito coil fitted
I was relieved, the thief, but the people are good.
There is kindness in my mind

The next day I wake up and see the tea on the table
Eat, freshen up in the room while pressing the phone
Tania (my wife) came and said….
--- This is how long everyone is waiting for the meal
And why are you sitting at home?
That's why he came to my ear gently
Said ...

--- Or bring the food to the room?
I have survived a heart attack
I was thinking, wife understand me this time and the banana food
But the wife's tone has changed, however
What wife fell in love with me ?? to think
I looked at the wife thinking
Well, my wife is beautiful. I was thinking at night
Hitler only. Now I don't see Miami. Now that I am
I fell in love with my wife.
- - Pin It seems you fall in love with your Hitlerney wife
You got it. Suddenly I came back to life in a strange voice.
Looking up, the wife closes her eyes after me on the floor
There, I realized, the madness was very painful.
I ran and pulled up and went to sit
Gently said… ..
--- How are you husband ??
I was a little spoiled.
I said ...
--- What did I do again?
The bride said….
- - I'm on the ground afterward
Lie on the bed, not holding my hand
Pulling, Immediately, I lay in bed and lay in bed
I gave.
Hugged me tight and said….
--- I wish I could keep it that way all my life
You don't like me
Tanya exhaled long after she finished talking.
I was twisted inside the chest and I had a lot to say *
I kiss with a kiss on the forehead…
—- The madness that I have loved you

But I could not
I was getting it. Tania pushed me to the opportunity
He ran to the bed and ran.
I just looked at her leaving.
Afterward, he noticed that he was in pain
There was no more rest, this time
I've been fooled.

The murder of Pagliata ended in love
2 years. Now no one can think of anything without anyone.
My lunatic is now pregnant.

She does not care so much. Today is the date of having a baby
The doctor gave it.
suddenly got my father's phone when I was in the office and ran
I went to the hospital. I heard my house lights up
A little princess has arrived.
Why is my Paglitar not getting any response word?
I wake up. I heard from many, to give birth to a baby
Many mothers have passed away
But he or she will need a baby.

Even if he wants to fulfill his wishes, I can not think.
Without wasting another minute, I ran into the cabin.
I see the baby playing with his hands and feet.
But Tania is keeping her eyes closed.
I have the patience to see if he is breathing
It wasn't. She hugged Tania
I fell.

Immediately I felt a little pain in my ear.
Then I saw Tania gently bit me in the ear
He said….
--- Why didn't you leave me alone ??
Hey no, I'll burn you when I leave
Who ??

I to hold tight to my chest
I said I Love You Pagli.
Never leave

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