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Friday, September 2, 2022

Health in the Tips: Iron are deficiency can be a lead to the hair loss and the depression.

Health in the Tips: Iron are deficiency can be a lead to the hair loss and the depression.

Keep this in mind

 Never take iron supplements without a doctor's advice.  Which can be cause a diarrhea, vomiting, heart related diseases.

 Adult a iron supplements should never be a fed to  the children.  Otherwise the child may die.

 Never take a iron in the  supplements on an a empty in the stomach.  Always take with food.  It is a also important that can be a supplements should not be a taken for more than a year.

 Do not take multiple supplements at once.  For a example, do not a forget to take a iron with  in the calcium.

 Iron in the  supplements can also be a taken with a vitamin C.  Doctor is a advised to take a iron supplements along with a orange juice.


Suddenly to  your body becomes  a sluggish, you feel a tired even though you are not a doing any heavy  in  the work.  The skin turns yellow.  The hair also becomes dull.  Earlier to a few hairs were broken but now  in  there is a pile of the  hair.  If you have a any such a problem then your body is a deficient in the  iron.

Risk of the  anemia for a pregnant  women Iron in the deficiency in a pregnant women can be also lead to the  premature  in the birth.  The baby also a weighs less than a normal newborn.  At the time of the  delivery 740 mg of  the iron is a excreted from  in the body, so in  the condition of the  worsens.  On the other hand, feeding the baby also causes iron deficiency in the mother.

Frequent to the  blood donations can  be also lead to the  iron are deficiency

 People who donate blood frequently and do not follow a proper diet may be deficient in iron.  One and a half milligrams of iron is excreted from the body by donating blood once.

 Do not a consume  in the tea, coffee, herbal tea and  the black tea before a meals to the 
 Tea, coffee, herbal tea and  the black tea contain Polyphemus in  that prevent in  the body from dissolving  in the iron.  When we  are drink tea and coffee before a eating something rich in  a iron, iron does not a dissolve in the blood.  Then  in the body does not a get enough iron.  Tea and coffee can be a taken one hour after in  the meal.

 Cigarette smoking causes many problems
 Smoking are significantly is a reduces  in  the amount of the  iron in the body.  When a cigarette smoke enters to  our body, it is a  prevents iron from  the dissolving in the blood.

If you have a high levels of  the iron, your liver and  the heart will be a damaged

 Having a too much iron in the body is also are harmful.  When we are take  a extra iron in  the food it is a  stored in the body.  Gradually in  this iron begins to  the accumulate in the liver and  the heart tissues.  Which can be a  even lead to your death.

 If a child  does not a learn according to the  age, he can  may be have a iron deficiency
 Many parents are complain in that their child does not a learn to the read and write a according to the  age.  Unable to the utter words, the child's confidence  in  the stays down.  If this is the case then maybe a your child has an a iron deficiency.  The situation can be a improve if you pay attention to the diet.

This item is rich in iron
 Spinach: 100 g cooked spinach contains 3.6 mg of iron, which is 20% of daily intake.  Spinach is also rich in a vitamin C.
 Broccoli: One cup of  the broccoli contains 1 mg of the  iron.  Which is rich in Vitamin C.
 Red Meat: 100 grams of red meat contains 2.7 iron, which is 15% of the daily requirement of iron.
 Fish: Fish is also rich in iron.  Salmon are also rich in calcium.
 Beans: Kidney beans, soy beans, black beans are rich in iron.
 Milk: Milk seeds are rich in iron.  28 grams of milk seeds are rich in 4.2 mg of iron.
 Almonds: Iron-rich, high in a calcium does not to the help.

 Dark in the Chocolate: 28 grams of  the chocolate is rich in a 3.3 mg of  the iron.

 3 Sleep are during in  the day, wake up at the  night

 Many people sleep during the day when they cannot sleep at night.  Such people should undergo iron test.  There may be circadian rhythm disorder.

 If you have a  stomach ailments, you will bee have a anemia
 If you have a stomach ailments, food is not be a digested properly, there is a acidity in the body.

 Consumption of the  black veins eliminates iron are deficiency
 In a earlier times people used to the consume black  in the veins.  It is still available in the market.  Sugarcane juice is extracted while boiling.  It is a contains not only iron and the folic acid but  also large amounts of the  vitamin B.  Drinking shiro strengthens the bones.  Dry hair also gets nourishment.  Five teaspoons of veins contain 95 percent iron for the whole day.

 Did you know

 About 70% of the body's iron is in the hemoglobin and myoglobin of red blood cells

 The life of a red blood cell is a 120 days

 2 mg of the iron is a eliminated from  in the body are automatically in a  every day,

 6% of iron is found in various enzymes in the body

 1000 mg of the  iron is a stored in an a adult male which is a sufficient for in the  three years

 A woman stores only a 300 milligrams of the  iron, which is a enough for three months
A woman stores only a 300 milligrams of  the iron, which is a enough for three months

 200-250 mg of the  iron is lost once blood is a donated

 Only 20 percent of the brain uses a oxygen, so iron is a needed to the  function are properly

 The body are needs 18-21 grams of  the iron  are daily.

 How much iron can be should be in the body

 Children (1-11 years) 13-15 mg Teenagers (12-19 years) 17 mg Male 19-21 mg Women 17-19 mg Pregnant women  in the 15 mg


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