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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Paneer Barfi form.

 Paneer Barfi form. 



Constituents of Paneer Barfi. 

10 Servings 

400 gm grated paneer 

300 gm condensed milk 

1/4 mug sugar 

mug milk greasepaint 

mug full cream milk 

1 gusto pulverized green cardamom 

How to make Paneer Barfi. 

Step 1 

Boil the milk 

Add milk to a visage and keep it on medium-high heat. Bring it to a pustule. Now add the grated paneer to it and mix well. Cook it for a many twinkles until the mixture thickens a bit. 

Step 2 

Mix the other constituents 

Now add condensed milk and stir continuously. Also add milk greasepaint, sugar and cardamom greasepaint. Mix well to get relieve of lumps and cook the admixture till it thickens further and leaves the sides of the visage. 

Step 3

Let it set 

Take out the admixture into a charger and spread it unevenly with 1/2- 1 inch consistence, depending on how thick you want the barfi's to be. Let the admixture cool down fully. Now slide the charger into the fridge and let the barfi's set for 30 twinkles. 

Step 4 

Cut into pieces and then serve 

Garnish with some diced pistachios, cut into pieces and serve.

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