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Friday, August 27, 2021

Bharat Ko Jano E Book pdf

Bharat Ko Jano E Book pdf

In order to create a proud feeling among the students about Indian values, Indian values, Indian beliefs and India's pride, the council is conducting the Know India Competition at the national level since 2001.

Swami Vivekananda ji has said that "the superiority of the future is built on the foundation of the past." It is true that the sense of self-pride obtained from the glorious past and the self-confidence derived from the progressive present, can lead us towards a brighter future. helps in. This "Know India Competition" is based on inspiring and informative information on various topics related to this proud past and progressive present of India.

Know India Competition is held at three levels, Junior (Class 6 to 8) and Senior (Class 9 to 12) in two categories. At the first level, in all the provinces of the country, selected on the basis of written examination and oral competition in two phases at the branch level, teams of two participants each from junior and senior categories are sent by each branch to the state level. In the second level, one best team of both the categories selected by the oral question forum at the state level is sent to the regional level competition at the third level. The winning teams at the regional level are sent to the national level competition, where an oral quiz is organized between the teams in an interesting manner and with modern electronic and computer technology.

Know India Competition Project has become very popular in the council family as well as schools and general public in a few years. The result of the popularity of this project is that every year more than 2.5 lakh copies of the book 'Know India', published separately in Hindi and English by the council, are distributed and more than 15 lakh students participate in this competition.


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