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Monday, June 14, 2021

How To Update/Register Mobile Number And Email For LIC Policy Online At

How To Update/Register Mobile Number And Email For LIC Policy Online At

One of the important aspects which you must not ignore is to keeping your Email and Mobile number up to date to all your insurance policies. This leads to receive notifications related to your insurance policy. However, in the case of change, how to update Email or Mobile number in LIC policy online?

How to update Email or Mobile Number in LIC policy online?

Now let us see the procedure to update Email or Mobile Number in LIC policy online.

1.  Visit the LIC’s Homepage. Then click on the link “Help us to serve you better”.

2. You will be redirected to a new window (The LINK for the direct visit of this page is Help Us to Serve You Better.) Here, you have to provide your Full Name (as per policy document), Date of Birth ((as per policy document). Then the next is to provide your new mobile number. If you are not changing the mobile number, then provide the old mobile number.

Remember that providing your Full Name, Date of Birth and mobile number is mandatory.

Then provide your new Email Id. Finally, choose the number of policies for which you want to update Email or Mobile Number in LIC policy online. You can update up to the 10 policies maximum at one time. Read the declaration properly and click on the tab “Submit”.

The screen looks like below to enter all your details.

3) Next is to provide your policy numbers to which you want to update Email or Mobile Number in LIC policy online. The screen looks like this. Here, I selected one policy. Hence, I am getting only one option to enter policy number. If you selected more 1, then you have to enter all the existing policy numbers. Then click on the tab “Validate Policy Details”.

4) Once the records are matching like the name, date of birth with respect to the policy number you provided, then the successful message will pop up like below.

LIC will call your updated number for verification purpose. Also, they send the Email to your updated id. Noe the “Request No” for the future reference.

As I said above, the request will be sent to servicing LIC branch. You will receive the confirmation call to your newly updated mobile number. Once you confirm the same, then LIC will update your mobile number in their records for future communication.

Once through call you confirm to LIC, then they also send the email to your registered email id as a confirmation. The email format looks like below.

1. Online registration 

Go to the link Fill in details like your full name and date of birth as per the policy document that you already hold. You can select your date of birth on the tab provided at the right side of the box. (Refer image below)

Fill the mobile number and email address in the space provided. Select the number of policies you want to update the contact details for. One can update the details for a maximum of 10 policies at a time. Check on the declaration and click on submit. In the next landing page, enter the policy numbers in the space provided and click on "validate policy details." The website will check to see if the name and date of birth in the policy records matches with the details provided by you. A pop-up will appear on successfully updating the details. The pop-up includes a request number that you can note down for future use. You will receive a phone call from the LIC customer care to verify your number and an email on your address. On verification, the details will be updated for the policy. You can use the same method to update an old number that you may have been using earlier. 2. Call Customer Care You can call LIC's helpline on 022-68276827. This is a 24/7 service.




Why is it important to register contact details with your LIC policy? Once your mobile number and email address are registered with the insurance giant, it will send prompting notifications related to your policies. You will receive intimations regarding premium dues, policy lapse, survival benefit, maturity, policy status, lapse/revival of policy, details on the dispatch of a policy bond, addition of bonus or loyalty, NEFT or NACH mandate, etc. You will likely get as many as 65 such messages from the insurance company. LIC will be going digital on 1 March 2019 and it is important that you are in line with the changes that will come.

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