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Friday, June 25, 2021

Dimagi Kasrat Koyda Ukel Whatsapp Virul Puzzle solution

 Dimagi Kasrat Koyda Ukel Whatsapp Virul Puzzle solution

Brain Math Puzzle is a game to improver your Logical Skills & If you like mathematics than this game is made for you.
All the equations made with addition, subtraction, multiplication & division.
More than 150 levels in game.
More than 20 different Objects used in a game.

Math puzzle
Simple math puzzle game.
More than 200 different levels.
Take a block from panel and make equation.
Use hints when you getting stuck.
Easy to play hard to master.

How to Play ?
Solve the equation & Give the answer.
For Each game start you will get 3 life.So if you wrong some where you will get another chance.
No time limits.

Who can play ?
Every math lover can play this game no age limit.

Game Features
•Realistic graphics and ambient sound.
•Realistic 2D stunning and amazing animations.
•Smooth and simple controls.
•User friendly interface and interactive graphics.

Whatsapp puzzle Questions : 

These maths games have the Huge collections of Maths Riddle, Logical Reasonings, Math Puzzles, Numbers sums & brain teasers.
Playing Tricky Puzzle games will improve knowledge, memory and logic.

All Questions of this mathematics study game includes maths tricks, Hints and maths solutions with answers to solve math riddles. Math solutions make mental maths problems very easy.

This Maths app is Made in India. Math riddle games will make your mind works. It can very help full in UPSC & NCERT students in India because the riddles of this study games will be helpful in exams like NCERT and UPSC.

Benefits of Maths Puzzle games.

Cool Math Games improve mathematical questions solving abilities.
Brain games develop memory.
Educational games are very knowledge increasing for UPSC & NCERT students.
Maths Riddle games help to increase logical reasoning ability.
Logic games improve mental math calculation.

Whatsapp Puzzle Answer::: 

1 Horse sold out at Rs. 500
First Person :::: 4 Horses x Rs. 500
= Rs. 2000 -- Rs. 500
NEt Rs. 1500 For first Person

Second person ::: 2 horses x Rs. 500
== Rs. 1000
+ Rs. 500
Net Rs. 1500 For Second  person


Math puzzles increases your logical thinking. Objective of the game is to find patterns hidden in the puzzle in order to arrive at the solution. This game helps in enhancing your

- Observation skills

- Logical reasoning

- Out of the box thinking

- Mathematical knowledge

This game contains 70 challenging brain teasers. Each brain teaser offers a different and unique challenge which forces the user to think in unconventional way. 

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