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Wednesday, February 3, 2021



 In the degenerative mode spread to Gujarat and the corona virus is gone. Therefore, all Indian schools and colleges are closed and learn to learn online at home. Gujarat Education Department as a home learning program, so upload "Standard Wise Home Learning" video daily.We have put standard videos for this studio at home inside this website. If you can watch the video by time table, below is the link of this website through which you can get different types of videos and text wise content.

Why Home Learning Online Education?

Corona cases are increasing in India. Given the situation in the country, the government now felt the need for a lockdown. Even in the event of this lockout, the biggest concern of the government was school going children. School children could not go to school due to the lockout. It does not seem necessary to send children to school to take care of their health.

Online learning in corona effect

Given the current situation, it was not possible to send children to school and receive education. The biggest concern of the government, if any, was the education of children. Neither children could go to school nor teachers.

What is the decision of Gujarat government?

At that time, the Gujarat government of India thought that if the children could not come to school, arrangements were made to provide education to the children at home. The government decided to introduce a new system to educate children at home. The government came up with a new idea, called Home Learning. The idea of ​​home education was that all children of the state of Gujarat should get education at home and children should not come to school. Under the idea of ​​home learning, it was decided to teach the children with the help of an application called Government Microcraft Feet Team. All the children's teachers and IDs and passwords were delivered to the school. Not only this but the government is also concerned about the education of children who do not have such a smartphone. The government also considered making arrangements so that teachers who could not go to school could easily teach their school children at home.

The teacher plays a very important role in the field of education which teaches the students very well to be a person of good morality and behavior. They make students academically superior and always encourage them to do better in life. They equip the students with a lot of knowledge, skills and a positive attitude so that the students never get lost and move on. They help students become confident about their learning goals through clear vision and ideas. No person can do developmentally, socially and intellectually in life without teachers.

However, challenges remain. Online education has significantly changed not only how students are being learned, but also the methods deployed by teachers and phoggies.

They force all students to do their best. They make the learning process very interesting and creative. Teachers try their best to get all the students on the right path by giving positive motivation towards the study. Good teachers leave a good impression on their students.

Since its inception in 1987, COL has supported governments and educational institutions within the Commonwealth to determine strong distance learning institutions and build competencies for quality learning practices. Over the years, it has created a number of resources, including syllabi, policy briefs, how-to toolkits, as guidelines for online learning and related fields that are used by policy makers, educators and researchers worldwide. are eligible.

In the process, I’ll even be ready to give students who are beginning their courses online within the coming weeks a guide what they will expect, what they have to seem out for and the way to transition smoothly to online studies.

In these unprecedented times, ODL can support learning within the non-formal and informal sectors, as also the formal education sector. Below can be a curated list of resources for policy makers, school and college administrators, teachers, parents, and learners that will aid student learning during the closure of educational institutions. Most of them are available as open educational resources with various licenses. The exact license terms for reuse and remix are contained within the link.

While some elite schools - most of them private - have moved to online classes, many children do not have access to computers, phones, internet, TV, or perhaps electricity.

Pandemic lockdowns and quarantines mean that enormous swathes of the population are homebound for months. In fact, many of us have begun pertaining to the present state of labor from home and online learning because the ‘new normal’.

By all scientific estimates, the event , testing and global rollout of a COVID-19 vaccine and therefore the subsequent return to ‘normality’ is a few ways away. It’s a scary but sobering reality check, one where we've to measure responsibly and suits online learning for our university studies, during a way where we lookout of our own health which of our area people .

According to the report in New Delhi, New Delhi, Al Jazeera's Elizabeth Puranam said, "Electricity is additionally a drag, but half of Indian homes get 12 hours of electricity every day."

"To address the challenges, some are taking classes for children who do not have access to technology."

It is online education that panacea can be a myth for the education of youth suffering from epidemics across the country. It should be challenged if we look for more su

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