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Friday, January 15, 2021

Toycathon 2021 TOY ONLINE

Toycathon 2021 TOY ONLINE

"Go to school". Question and responses (Ta. 21, 23-7 - Ducks - ISRO - broadcast by DeConference (1) Po, T. C, Trainee, Traille, the school of 100 to 100 Use understandably. Answer: Yes, be given as supplementary content. What type of clay toy (9) P. in the urban environment T. C. Can children give to the curriculum as textbook? 'Dreamy' can be placed? (Amreli) Answer: Give children just clay. And give freedom.

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 Answer: Placing as a textbook is not striking. But let's make it a toy like it. As a guide reference literature, every training publisher training in standard-1, for the teachers, for the person, for the person, how to train and by whom, in the first session in prayer convention, can be every day? (Dang) Answer: Dhode by the kister Resource Group. - 1 standard should be read one occasion. 

This can be discussed and it will be easy to train these types of teachers. The experiments shown in the primary school classes (5) The story like the true treasure 'looks too long. Can try the trainees. What is it right? (Dang) Current primary teachers also answer: When the story is called, it is never longer, if it is called to implement their classroom by the appropriate gesture. It will be imperative. 

If you see the real treasure 'story discussing the story of the Kister Laval, Dreamy, you will not say five minutes, even if you see the fullest treasure. (10) Considering for dumb performance, things (6) new experimental - a student in the book of Mathematics, and explain the importance of a student to another. If the district goes in the district then the answer behind the following: In the everyday observation of children, do not remain?

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 Actions, things, food items and businesses answer: The school teachers who are going to have a child from school will guide and guide the guardian to the school and whether the phase of the actions in the school is gradually written to the teacher in the phase of the actions that are in such a way that Will tell. Such makes us pet this children (11) Browser and teachers to teach the basic practices in Gujarati language and teachers to teach, what training programs held to be appropriate and teaching. Can? (Sanitorishpur)) 

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