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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Sairam dave on sparsh talim

Sairam dave on sparsh talim

Gujarat State Four Elements: Four Ways ... Who was called Swami Sachchidanand Shikshak?  The teacher is the one who teaches what is taught.  Says his master in Urdu.  In English it is called "teacher".  We are also used there in another sense of master.  A watchman teaches how to repair a scooter rather than a pedal repair.  This is Ustad, he is a teacher, he is a 'teacher'.  You have to learn wherever you look in your whole life. 

 There is no place where there is nothing to learn.  Animals and birds are also taught by their parents?  Its limits are very limited.  This is the first thing, Acharya, who should we tell?  Acharya is the one who teaches what he has learned by adding his own.  If he doesn't add his own, one day he will not be called a successful principal, he will be called a 'tape recorder', he will say everything with a bang.

  In Acharya's mind, information is rippling like the oceans.  Where the forty minutes were completed, neither the teacher knows, nor the students know the wisdom .... There was a time when the professor was considered a celebrity, then Prof.  Whether it was Dawar or some other people going to visit him, Gaukhle was a professor and Tilay was a professor.  

I feel like watching them.  Only he who has contemplation with reading can add, if he has his own contemplation, his vision arises from it, the same epoch-making Acharya.  Guru means removes ignorance and extends decency.  Agyanatimirandhasya gnananjanshalakya 'All the Vidhanas are preceded by Acharya Acharya Shankara.  Whether it is music, dance, Kamashastra or any other genre.

  The first Acharya is Lord Shankar, when he becomes the guru of learning, his name is Dakshinamurti ', Guruut Maun Vyakhyan Shisyastu Chhinna Sansha.  A small child is sitting under a banyan tree.  Big old men are sitting in front of him.  The child is young but wise, while the old man is old.  It takes years for this guru to remove the ignorant, misconceptions, false humanities, various pranks.  

Gandhiji has said that God is the greatest guru, it is mentioned in Bhagwat.  Where is Dattatreya's twenty-four guru?  Get Guru from wherever you get knowledge.  Dust particles can also be made Jupiter.  The whole world is Jupiter.  Do not steal from anyone.  Otherwise inertia will come.  Don't fall into any sect in this too. If you fall into the fold of any sect, it will not let you go out of the parade. 

 The parade has twelve heaps of knowledge.  Ignorance removes its no guru and - the fourth thing is who is the sage?  This is the fourth step of knowledge.  The word sage, 'Rish' means metal - motion.  What does dynamic mean?  Knowledge should never be stale.  If she is not to be allowed to become stale, she must continue to give birth.  The birth of knowledge is science, the day when the birth of knowledge stops, the demeanor will be lost.  Barren knowledge will die.  


The same thing happened to us there.  Any knowledge would be without science.  No, it is written in the Gita that: Gyan - Vijnan Trinatya.  This is the feature of the hymn.  Not empty knowledge, there is no knowledge that does not have science.  The sage always keeps the society dynamic.  Society should always be dynamic with the mind, not with the letter, it is possible only through the laboratory, each and every one of us is giving new knowledge to the world, good luck.

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