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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Paryavaran Prayogshala (Environmental Lab) AHEVAL


 Paryavaran Prayogshala (Environmental Lab) AHEVAL

The activities of the schools in which the environment laboratory is established are uploaded on the environment laboratory folder on the website of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Abhiyan. To make sure.

Referring to the above topic and context, Ratio 2.0 has been implemented by the agreed rater car. Under which the integration of all the schools of the state is to take place during the academic year 2019 - 2020. Currently, the school is being accredited by 100 school supervisors. Some teachers / headmasters - who have passed the text and descriptive exams, were e-mailed by the teacher / headmaster to rejoin as 'spectators', who at some stage did not agree for some reason or not Workshop attendance. Has been

 As per the approval received on the note of the Hon'ble Director in this regard, such teachers / head teachers who have passed the objective and descriptive examination and who for some reason disagreed with the previous stage or did not attend the workshop, must re-join the Merit as a school inspector. It has been decided to give. The descriptive examination also includes a list of the present teacher / head teacher. If they want to connect with school accreditation as a school overseer, they need to know. By e-mail 6/1/2020 from 12:00 noon. After that, any submissions received will be considered so they can be called.

The following is an annual course of various activities of the environmental laboratory. Various fields have been selected in the environment laboratory. A new menu has been added to the Sangujarat portal including environment, water, soil, nursery, organic fertilizer, gas, energy, animal husbandry, organic farming, plastics etc. Named the Environmental Laboratory. In this post we have listed various activities from Std. 3 to 5 and Std. 6 to 8. In addition, the annual plan of Science Experiment School has also been prepared. There is also information on how to access the SSA Gujarat portal.

Extraordinary basic job in the field of instructor training, which performs internally can be excellent and an individual of breeding. They make wonderful and potential requests for lifestyle improvement globally. They lose information, expectations and explanations with lots of lost to developers, so anything underlying can be lost and can’t move forward. They help to achieve security with their objectives of instruction through clear vision and thoughts. Without existing academics, one cannot develop socially and mentally.

An educator is a different person who accepts the theoretical liability of getting down to the living business of young people and newborns. They gain zeal, pride and zeal by showing their inner things through the right way in their lives. They do not make any effort under the general goal or under indefinite organizations to accurately raise at least one true way under their assumptions. A decent educator is one who has calculated their full time to train them full time. They force every professional to put forward a significant impact. They just learn the exciting process as an entrepreneur. Academics determined their study to make each one of the ones determined by motivation extremely fast. Great educators left a great impression on them.


They open up information, capabilities and trimmings with IT throats of inspirational mentality and can’t even take action. They help achieve safety with clear vision and their objectives of training by thugs. Without existing academics, one cannot develop socially and mentally.

They push every professional to make a significant impact. They innovate only in the process of learning progressivism. Academics have tried their best to speed up each one by fixing them by motivating them towards the best study. Great educators left a great impression on them.

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