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Tuesday, January 26, 2021



STD1 Home Learning Videos PDF Download

Gujarat Government Schemes and Schemes Current 2020 and forthcoming 2021. Now the list of Gujarat Government Schemes 2020 in PDF format is given in the link given below. Provide full details of all Gujarati government schemes and current and future Gujarat government schemes in this file. You can download this file of Gujarat Government Scheme 2020 and 2021 in PDF format and read the latest Government Scheme current and upcoming

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The Government of Gujarat has launched several schemes for farmers. The farmer is an important and very important person for the upliftment / progress of the country. Its development is the development of the same country. That is why special schemes for farmers have been started by the Government of Gujarat as well as the Government of India.

This circular has been issued by Gujarat under the Study from Home campaign by the students. Homework prepared by SSA for home study is given every Saturday of the week. It contains all the instructions and guidelines for this homework. This letter is a must read for students, parents and teachers.

Home Learning Study Schedule for Standard 3 to 12

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Home Learning Program  Online Video

Special schemes for various aids and higher studies have been announced by the State Government and the Government of India. These schemes are especially useful for all the people of India and Gujarat. Schemes for farmers, traders, seedmen, various industries and students seeking higher studies.

Standard-1 Home Learning September Mass Daily Videos by Gujarat and Class YouTube. Home Learning Study Online Study Program has been started by Gujarat Education Department (GCERT and SSA). DD Girnar TV channel broadcasts online video for standard-of-students. 3 to 12 D.I.C.S.A. On the portal. Through this video, children can continue studying at home. These videos have been prepared by expert master trainer teachers in each subject. Which is very useful for children. Even when schools are closed, children continue to have a high level of knowledge.

Here is all the information related to primary and secondary education. Such as Bhashadip Book Solution, Self Textbook Solution, STD 1 to 12 Model Papers, Answer Key, Academic Circulars, all useful information for students and study material for each subject ...

 Apart from Gujarati study material, Hindi subject study material, science study material, mathematics study material, English study material, literature of all types and subjects are placed here. Useful information for primary and secondary teachers, computer raised files or leaflets used for teachers and all other information, all useful information in the study is kept here.

 Teachers and students can get all the information they need from here and they can comment here and give feedback about the information as well as ask for the required information. is a web portal for educational news and information.

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