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Wednesday, January 20, 2021



These days the education system has become a leading tool for imparting knowledge to scholars for all tutorial institutes across the state. Now scholars, teachers and even parents mostly respond to the web mode of education which has now become the basis of the fashionable education system around the world.

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The nationwide lockdown that was imposed in the hope of catching the virus resulted in the closure of schools and colleges across the country, affecting 500 million students. To continue with the classes, organizations are focusing on e-learning methods of learning on digital platforms.

Home Learning Video: Gujarat Education Department has started a home learning program for children through TV as at present children cannot come to school due to coronavirus epidemic. Every day on Girnar TV, there are videos related to studies for children from standard 1 to 12.

The home learning program will be very useful for the children of Gujarat as the education department has said that the school will be closed till August 15. In the meantime, the children will learn through a home study program. The home learning program has been started from June 15. DD Girnar TV for students of standard 3 to 12.

As a result, teachers suddenly face the challenge of how to continue their students' education. While this may seem like an daunting task, there are many ways teachers can use the technology and resources available to support online learning and ensure that students still receive a high quality education.

It’s important to know that one’s size doesn’t fit off all when it comes to learning. Different groups have different priorities and therefore the resources that should be used are context-dependent. There are also special considerations for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), and for college students who do not have access to high-speed broadband.

However, teachers should take a break from the uncontrollable fact that there are many online online resources to guide you on the way to teach online. We've made it a lot easier here to make the online transition from the classroom to the online transition easier.

The main part of the teacher's recommendation is to take a step back and specialize in the most important things. This suggests that the priority is to create an open and clear channel of communication with both students and veterans.

The International Backlash Organization (known as IB) provides high quality and challenging educational programs aimed at developing worldwide communities, with the goal of creating a better, more peaceful world. This publication contains a wide variety of content created to support these programs.

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The worldwide spread of Covid-19 has been a major impediment to concerted educational activities across the state. Educational institutions have been closed since March this year, due to justified precautions to reduce the risk of virus infection.

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