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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

2020: AN Unforgettable Year to Remember

2020: AN Unforgettable  Year to Remember

The year 2020 ... most people will never want to miss this year, but here are some pictures of this year that you will never forget. Like every new year, this year also brought happiness but this happiness remained negligible. The Corona virus that emerged in Wuhan became an epidemic and swept the world. About 1.7 million people died in 2020, and an estimated 80 million became infected. The economies of many countries deteriorated, and so did the lifestyles of the people.

There is no shortage of year-end announcements to put 2020 behind us and never look back. Dumpster fire t-shirts, quarantine tickets, and endless zoom-themed memes - all of which have eased the fact that this was a really difficult year. The most difficult for the healthcare community.

We are sharing all these things like how this year went, what went well and what went wrong around the world with the selected pictures ...


The Kovid-1p epidemic has taken a huge toll on the lives of many people, affecting our health, our traditions, our economy and our psyche. But as we look back over the past year - as individuals, as a company, and as part of a larger health care community - it is important to recognize the monumental achievements that have emerged from this period of historic adversity. For all the hardships and discomforts, there have also been some beautiful moments of truth and integration that have focused on the resilience of people around the world to face the challenge.

At Komodo Health, we have shared these challenges. And as 2020 draws to a close, we reflect on the twists, turns and lucky bright spots of a year that will define us for generations to come.

Komodo's values ​​and work in the mission

In many ways, the past year has been a test of our mission to reduce the burden of disease. Despite numerous logistical hurdles in making our entire operation remote in a matter of days, our dragons rallied around a clear purpose. We cannot be more proud of the achievements we have achieved together.

More importantly, it is incredible to see how quickly our team adapts to the extraordinary challenges of COVID-19 to implement our mission, values ​​and unique assets and capabilities. With the entire healthcare system in disarray and the whole world focused on one solution, our team was able to deliver powerful solutions that made a significant impact.


Our research on the corrugated effects of COVID-19 has been called serious scope for care and routine screening for cancer that occurs during an epidemic. A team of our data scientists, clinical experts and engineers developed a new method of calculating the demand and supply curve of Savid-19 drugs that was selected as the "Spotlight Project" in the Epidemic Response Hackathon. We also highlighted significant racial and socio-economic disparities associated with the increasing use of telemedicine. We helped life sciences companies accelerate clinical trial recruitment and site identification - accelerating the development of the novel COVID-19 therapist in many disease areas as well - by pointing to physicians who saw the most COVID-19 patients. We have delivered a new playbook for medical matters to navigate provider engagement in the digital landscape.

In growth despite the best year

In all of these endeavors, we have been focusing on finding ways to help develop clinical trends, build for the future, and advance healthcare. We’ve not only proven our subtlety through these challenges - we’ve also grown our business.

The growth rate this year was not what we expected. We started the year by announcing our Series C funding as we immersed ourselves in the best-planned product innovation and client expansion for the forecast growth track. Then, everything changed.

Fortunately, the same core values ​​and data-driven powers that made us strong pre-epidemic during the epidemic. Our Healthcare Map ™, which delivers the world’s most comprehensive view of patient encounters, serves as the foundation for insights into progress and powerful new product development. We added four new solutions and 10 new product features, more important than ever in the digital-first environment. We expanded into new market segments, launched new brands, and when all was said and done, we increased our client base by more than 50%, with continued revenue hypergrowth to show it.


                              SEPTEMBER TO DECEMBER 2020 YEAR PICTURES


We’ve come a long way this year, but that’s just the beginning. As DRS. Scott Gottlieb and Mark McClellan recently wrote in the Wall Street Journal that the study of the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine will not end with FDA approval. These values ​​will continue to be evaluated in the coming weeks and months, so that these products can use powerful software, data, and analytics like ours to see trends, bridge gaps, and exploit new opportunities.

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