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Monday, June 29, 2020



Social Science, Std: 8, First Semester

1. Arrival of European people in India
2.What around us?
3. Constitution Of India
4. How did you become a merchant ruler?
5.Natural disasters
6.Impact of British rule on India
7.Climate change
8.The role of Parliament in a democratic country
9.Is. 19th freedom struggle

Social Science, Std: 8, Second Semester 

1 Environmental pollution
2 Nationalism in India
3 Revolutionaries of India
4 Human resources
5 On the path of Mahatma - 1
6 India's problems and solutions
7 Our economy
8 On the path of Mahatma - 2
9. United Nations (UN)
10. Independence and beyond ...
11. Independent India
12. Continent Introduction: Africa
13 Continent Introduction: Asia

Social Science, Std: 7, First semester

1. Two Maharajas
2 The earth rotates.
3 Government
4 Rajput era
5 Place and time
6 Medieval governance and architecture
7 India: Location, Boundary, Area and Surface
8 Medieval Delhi philosophy
9 State governance

Social Science, Std: 7, Second Semester

1. Medieval Gujarat
2 India: Climate and Natural Resources
3. Why the courts?
4. Mughal Empire: Establishment and expansion
5. India: Agriculture, Industry and Transport
6. Customer in the market
7. Medieval architecture
8. India: Folklore
9. Continent Introduction: North America
10. Continent Introduction: Europe
11. Continent Introduction: North America, South America and Europe

Social Science, Std:6, First Semester

1 A source of knowledge of history
2 Let's understand the map
3 Citizenship
4 The beginning of human life
5 Our home - the earth
6 The beginning of a stable life
7 Gujarat: Location, Boundaries and Surface
8 Ancient towns

Social Science, Std: 6, second semester

1 Ancient social life
2 Climate and natural resources of Gujarat
3 The regime of the Mahajanapada period
4 Local Government (Rural)
5 Gujarat: Agriculture, Industry and Transport
6 Local government (city)
7 Confluence of peace and non-violence
8 We are Gujarati
9 Emperor Ashoka
10 Disaster and management
11 Rights and duties (both sides of the coin)
12 Secret Empire
13 Continent Introduction Wonder Continent: Antarctica and Australia

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